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the end the end

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You stole my name

Ahh, I wanted to use this name for my flash, oh well. This flash was pretty good, had a nice song that started overlapping like crazy, with the punchline "oooh birthday cake!".

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Hallow-Wiener Hallow-Wiener

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You are seriously the best author on newgrounds. I wish you would of posted this early, I would of done it with the trick or treaters who came to my house.

JunkYardAnimations responds:

lmao, thanks, im glad u liked it

Zeebs Gold Pleebs Zeebs Gold Pleebs

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like the preview pic

Where did you get it from?

TheEmoKiller responds:

wow, welcome back cereal.
just grabbed it from a flash.

Tom Fulp vs. Kimbo Slice Tom Fulp vs. Kimbo Slice

Rated 5 / 5 stars


where should I begin? Experimental film making bursts into mainstream in this dramatic tail of 4 people who find themselves spiraling down the abyss, after experiencing a rendez-vous with the inevitable consequences attributed to drug use and the ill effect it has on its addicts. This one has no happy ending. There's no sugar coating here. Albeit this film packs a harsh, blunt, and sometimes overwhelmingly genuine depiction of the havoc drug addiction can reap on its victims. Despite the disturbing message of the film, I never the less couldn't help but remain fascinated with it's experimental/avant-guard visual style: A smooth, elaborate and languid progression of cinematic eye candy orchestrated to almost resemble a shockumentary, complemented by an impressive and well composed soundtrack.

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Palin = Gimmick Palin = Gimmick

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Flash for the ages

This is gorgeous! Beautiful animation and storyline, with a message that people need to hear. You have a gift, you must create more!

Royal's Don't Ask Royal's Don't Ask

Rated 2 / 5 stars


It's hard to imagine anyone writing a 'spoof' movie even worse than Meet the Spartans, but Seltzer and Friedberg have pulled it off. It's not even just a little worse. It makes Spartans look like Raiders of the Lost Ark in comparison. You will seriously feel ill afterwards and more than likely have a strong urge to gouge your eyes out.

May Contain Spoilers....if you care: First off, as it appeared in the trailer, this movie does not spoof, or really even reference disaster movies at all. The set shakes a few times, there are some plastic asteroids, and a bad cgi tornado, all of which that do nothing to add anything to the movie, but other than this there's nothing even relating this to said style of film. Instead we get references (not to be confused with actual spoofs) to such films as High School Musical, Step Up, this summer's crop of comic based films, Enchanted, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Kung Fu Panda, and Sex and the City. I can't wait to hear Seltzer and Friedberg praise their own genius and describe this movie as being modeled around Cloverfield...they clearly tried to do this, but other than the outline of the small group of people running through the city trying to find the injured girlfriend, there's nothing relating this piece of crap to the monster movie.

I can honestly say I did not laugh once at this movie. All of the "jokes" were forced, and many of them were dragged on for several minutes at a time...the two writers clearly thinking they were onto some kind of comedy gold here. Probably the most insulting thing about this movie is, like all their other gems: Epic, Date, Spartans, they consider the audience to be mentally challenged...having to tell us point blank what movie it is they are referencing (again...not spoofing) Such lines like: "It's an inconvenient truth, it's global warming," "Come here you kung fu panda," "what is this enchanted place," "How do you know all this? I know because I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," "Let me get my Get Smart phone (proceeds to talk on his shoe)," and "whats with the marching band? I thought I'd cheer you up with a high school musical" all exist to make sure we're in on their super intelligent antics.

Please, save your money for anything else. Show Hollywood that they need to stop these two guys from making any more movies. I can't even imagine a 5 year old finding this stuff funny. Speaking of 5 years old, that's about how long many of these jokes will last before absolutely no one can find them funny anymore since, as usual, most of them are simply based on pop culture references.

j lo porn j lo porn

Rated 0 / 5 stars

absolutely appalling

Well, to explain the depth of this 'film', I could write my shortest review, ever. Don't see this movie. It is by far the stupidest, lamest, most lazy, and unbelievably UNFUNNY movie I have ever seen. It is a total disaster. But since my hatred for this movie, and the others like it, extends far beyond one viewing, I think I'll go on for a bit.

I don't know any of the people in the movie besides Carmen Electra, Vanessa Minnillo, and Kim Kardashian, but it doesn't matter. They're all horrible, though I think that was the point. The editing is flat out horrible, and possibly blatant continuity errors make this crapfast even crappier than I thought it would be. Now I know that these films are not supposed to be serious at all, but come on, it's film-making 101 that if someone gets a minor facial cut, it should be there in the next shot. AND, if someone gets cut by a sword, there should be blood and at least a cut (though since the Narnia films "get away with it", I'll give Disaster Movie a pass here).

The 'jokes' are thoughtless and mindless physical gags that obviously take after some of the most popular movies of the last year (there's some from late 2007 as well, including 2 of our 5 Best Picture nominees).

You know what the saddest thing about these stupid movies are? I don't care how much money they make, or how many cameos they have, these sorry ass excuses for films are taking away jobs from actors, writers, and directors that truly deserve the attention. Lionsgate, I thought you had better taste than this. You should be ashamed of yourselves for making this kind of crap. And as for Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer? Burn in hell. You guys are contributing to the decline of western civilization. are the CAUSE of the downfall of western civilization.

Final Fantasy Rednecks Final Fantasy Rednecks

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

An Epic of Astounding Triviality

This epic big-screen contrivance of Sex and the City prolongs the chronicle of the four heroines of the funny television series, the first five or so episodes I have seen, and in the company of two friends who had already seen every episode. The characters are older now but no wiser, and all confronting a number of romantic moments of truth. I suppose I am able to safely say Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is in the 10th year of her liaison with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) when they more or less make a decision to buy a penthouse. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) has gone to LA, where her young sex partner has turned out to be a daytime TV idol. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and her husband have adopted a Chinese daughter. And Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) is in a predicament with her husband.

What with one thing and another, stagy plot developments affect the four best friends to travel to a lavish Mexican spa, where they go sunbathing in figure-squeezing swimsuits, and Miranda is made fun of for the copious increase of her pubic hair. A little afterward, Charlotte craps her pants. This is one scene where I did laugh. Looking back on it, the occurrence actually isn't nearly as funny as its position in the story as a key moment!

The original TV show was a hit for its sexual outspokenness, and sometimes it was quite funny. In the film, however, it seems to mimic the comic style of the Farrelly brothers, big gross-out moments that are more like set pieces than part of the story. For instance, Samantha's dog is a compulsive masturbator. She's been fixed, but she has not lost the urge.

By now, I should have informed that I am not the person to review this movie. Maybe you will enjoy a review from someone who excludes himself of the cultish eligibility of the movie's audience, and has lost a lot of respect for most of the characters that grew on him before and is jaded by their brainless dialogue. There is an elaborately extensive montage of wedding dresses by renowned designers. What are those of us filmgoers supposed to think who don't resound with the luminaries of designer labels?

From what I saw of Chris Noth's Mr. Big character on the show, he had a cool, mysterious vibe. Here, he is dull. He's classically good-looking in the hunky yet romantic Rock Hudson convention, and has a breathy, unnaturally serene voice that supplies routine encouragements and hackneyed lines with a good knack for timing. I think he is supposed to be the turning of the tables in the sense that most of the time, the woman is made to be the hollow token romantic interest and the men are running the show and now for the sake of a predominantly female franchise, the roles are reversed. He poses as if knowingly posturing as the ultimate man.

The most human character is Jennifer Hudson, who is still in her 20s and, hot off her earth- shattering performance in Dreamgirls, has not quite yet become skilled at being a lackluster commercial sketch. Her character was written that way, however, because she does everything we have seen before in a chick flick or a musical. She is hired as Carrie's assistant and and over time Restores Carrie's Belief In True Love. However, Hudson is welcoming and responsive, which does not illustrate the four self-obsessed, obsessively materialistic and unapologetically stereotypical girly-women.

And that is my central peeve with this movie. I have no one with whom to sympathize. At all. Zero. And I felt sorry for Jake La Motta in Raging Bull. These four women have not a mature bone in their bodies. They are shallow, gossipy, idle, pampered, materialistic and indulgent. Take for instance a surprise encounter with Mr. Big at a restaurant that leaves Charlotte so furious that she goes into labor. She doesn't just get this furious. She lets herself get this furious and make a scene, no less, because she and her three friends have decided to villainize him rather than reach a communicative understanding with him about why he did what he did. All of that, by the way, is done with the maturity, tact, understanding and communication of a landslide boulder

My Cartoon My Cartoon

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Well not sure what that was, seemed abit rude, but anyways the voice was very good, it didn't make me laugh but i seen the concept of almost noting with something, the character was ok could be improved though, anyways notbad but it lacks lots and you know this...

RedKnight vs. Darkknight RedKnight vs. Darkknight

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great job

Good work for your first flash animation, and hell we all get better with time. For criticism, I'd suggest using backgrounds you can search for on image searches for the scenes you want, and try finding a nice sprite sheet for all the sprite pieces